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Sell your wellness or fitness products and services to health-conscious consumers at the best-promoted and best-attended health and wellness expos in top markets across the country!

If your company targets health-conscious consumers, don’t miss the selling opportunities of the year in top markets across the country. Through unique and powerful relationships with media partners, Network Events, Inc. has developed a series of health and fitness events reaching millions of consumers. Learn about all the benefits of being a part of one of our health and wellness events.

Whether your organization is interested in exhibiting to sell products in a select market or launching a national campaign, NEI can develop a plan to meet your needs.

2019 Broncos Fit 7K & Expo

  • 2019 Broncos Fit 7K & Expo
  • 2019 Broncos Fit 7K & Expo
  • 2019 Broncos Fit 7K & Expo

Annual Broncos 7K & Bronco Fit Expo Delivers Quality Attendance Thousands of health-minded visitors gathered at Broncos Stadium at Mile…

Join us for the 27th anniversary of the NBC 4 / Telemundo 44 Health & Fitness Expo in Washington, DC January 18 & 19, 2020! The NBC4 Washington Health Expo is the largest, best-attended Consumer Wellness Expo in the country, driving tens-of-thousands of attendees every year. The 2020 expo will expand its focus to include keeping our planet healthy via the addition of a “Sustainability” component.  Market leader NBC 4 and Telemundo 44 will run multi-week, on-air and online attendance promotion campaigns in advance of the Expo ensuring top-of-mind awareness among hundreds of thousands of health-conscious viewers. Your target market will be attending in massive numbers. Prime booth space is currently available call Carter Strickland today at 512-522-2435 or email to reserve space or for complete information.

NEI is an event development and management firm specializing in the production of consumer wellness campaigns and events. For more than 25 years NEI has worked with media partners across the country to produce top-rated, high quality events. If your organization is interested in exploring potential partnerships with NEI, contact Sam Smith, President & CEO, at 703-378-5315 or