NBC 4 & Telemundo 47 Health & Fitness Expo New York 2021

MetLife Stadium - New York
June 12 - 13, 2021


NBC4 New York is once again teaming with the 4X Super Bowl Champs, The New York Giants, for the 8th annual NBC4/T47 Health & Fitness Expo!  Over 40,000 NYC metro area consumers are expected to flock to this family-friendly weekend event held at the famed MetLife Stadium. Expo attendees will be entertained, informed and can take advantage of a range of free health tests and screenings.  In addition, attendees will have the very special opportunity to meet Giants players and participate in events held on the field. NBC4 will begin an aggressive, market-wide on-air and online attendance promotion 6 weeks in advance of the expo, helping to drive qualified attendees to the event. 

Participating is easy! For more information, click “Request Info” to leave your information and we’ll reach out to you promptly, or email or call Carter Strickland at 512-522-2435.