Health and Wellness Booth Best Practices

May 6th, 2019 by Collin Young

When it comes to best practices for a booth, don’t be afraid to set some ground rules for your team. After all, this could be the first time a potential customer has heard of your company so just as you would in a sales presentation, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

Speaking of feet, that’s a good place to start.

Plan to be on your feet

Especially in a full size booth, have your team standing. It provides a more engaging look for your team than sitting behind a table. Again just like you would when you meet someone for the first time, it’s easier when you are standing to have a good, solid handshake.

Be on brand

Staying with the aspect of what you want your booth team to be doing, determine a dress code. Some examples that work well are coordinated polos with branding. (This also allows you to ditch the dress shoes or heels and wear more comfortable shoes for the long days in the booth). Regardless of the type of dress code you choose, it makes sense to aim to overdress than look too casual.

More than meets the eye

If it makes sense, try and incorporate smells or sounds into your booth. It adds to the 360-degree approach of your booth and helps set you apart from the other booths.

Schedule a refresh

This happens prior to the show, but work with your marketing team to determine the slow time when you won’t need your booth and do a few things.

The first is to determine if the graphics and messaging that make up your booth make sense for what your current strategies are. If things need changed, now is the time.

Second, if it’s business as usual for the booth, maybe set it up and see how it looks. Go through your emergency booth kit and make sure your needle and thread, safety pins, band-aids and other trade shows musts are in there. It’s much easier to run to the hardware store to fix a booth when things are slow than when you are trying to set a booth up.

Say hello

Every conversation starts with a simple hello. Greet attendees as they pass your booth. You’ll be surprised how many conversations and visits to your booth one simple word can drive.

By following these best practices, your next booth at one of our health expos across the U.S. will definitely stand out from your competitors.

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