The Top Emerging Health and Wellness Trade Show Trends

August 28th, 2017 by Brian Zinkel

Top health and wellness trade show trendsTrade shows used to be primarily used for the unveiling of up and coming items and gadgets in a specific industry. But now that social media has taken the spotlight, these reveals seem to come every single day. So what does this mean for the once-popular trade show? Because new products are already launched, it’s up to the trade show and their exhibitors to create hype around the product or services they are trying to promote, without having to rely on a large reveal.

This is exceptionally true when it comes to health and wellness shows. When people go to fitness expos, they expect to see what is new and emerging in the world of exercise and health. But since there are so many different exhibitor booths at each trade show, it can be hard to stand out among the crowd and really draw in potential customers.

The best way to really stand out in the sea of health and wellness exhibitor booths is to stay up and coming with emerging trade show trends. Here are some of the leading tips and tricks our industry experts want you to know.

In-Person Conversations

First and foremost it’s incredibly important to understand that just because we are living in a digital world doesn’t mean that the power of human interaction has waned. Even if you’re demonstrating something digital, make sure to have a quality conversation with each person before they leave. You want to give them an organic experience they can remember, one that is not playing with a gadget or simply seeing how something works. Rather, talk to them about their personal health and wellness goals, share your experiences about getting healthy, and maybe even set up an action plan where you meet at your office to personally to discuss more in depth. Don’t forget to follow up either — a simple email or a handwritten note of thanks can work wonders.

Easy to read facts and figures

While it’s always a good idea to have a lot of information available, having too many words and pictures in your booth can be overwhelming for a viewer. So much so that they may not want to go visit your booth just for fear they will be inundated with unnecessary information. To bypass this, pick and choose exactly what you want to display. Try to only show information or display statistics that can pique interest, such as rhetorical questions or interesting facts. Try to make these facts as big and as bold as possible and you’ll have people coming up to your booth in no time. Then, you can launch into talking about your product or service naturally without seeming too salesy.

Experience virtual reality

Nowadays, everyone wants to see things as bigger and better than they are in real life. The best way to do this is through virtual reality, which brings 3D to a whole new level. You may think that virtual reality is expensive to implement, but this is not true. It has an exceptional return on investment. This is because you’ll be able to really draw attention to your booth as this trend hasn’t come fully into the health and wellness show circuit yet. Just imagine the profit virtual reality can bring as it will give potential customers a taste of what is to come if they use your product. After all, virtual reality doesn’t just use visuals, it brings your entire body into the experience!

Implementation of mobile apps

Mobile apps are everywhere nowadays, it seems like there is an app for everything and anything. This is true for health and wellness shows as well; there is every possibility that you’ll be able to create a customized app for your upcoming event that will blow the socks off of your attendees. Apps are one of the best tools for any trade show, as they combine all your information into one easy-to-access space, and can be accessed with the simple press of a button. You can customize your app to show whatever information you’d like — from schedules of events, bios of guests speakers, to lists of the small businesses participating. But in addition to these details, it’s important that you focus on what your customers would like to see and do on the app. Some things that we would consider implementing include:

  • Sign ups so each attendee can ensure they are able to see everything they want to see.
  • Digital schedules to accompany these sign ups, to make the day seamless for the visitors
  • Maps and other relevant information; you’ll be saving the environment by not printing out flyers that will just end up in the trash anyways.
  • The ability to book meetings with different exhibitor booth owners, whether it’s to get more general information or have an in-depth consultation.
  • A digital scrapbook where you can upload pictures and flyers from the event that attendees can print out and use if they so choose.
  • Digital polls and and surveys about participants favorite booth, emerging accessory, and/or overall experience. You can collect this data in real time and update it as the day goes on.
  • A hashtag. Don’t forget to create a hashtag that will make it easier for participants to find more information about the event!

Visitor engagement

Sometimes attendees get so tied up with visiting exhibitor booths that they can forget that you’re actually putting on a huge event. So make visitor engagement a priority of yours during your health and wellness show , after all you need to make it clear that you’re thankful to guests for coming to your event. This can be much easier than you may think — hold raffles, do giveaways, host contests, and even put up digital games throughout the entire event that will get people up and participating. Also, don’t forget to offer complimentary beverages, snacks, and even a digital charging station where attendees can go to refresh and recharge their devices — especially if they are using your custom app.

There are plenty of ways you can stick out among the crowd when it comes to health and wellness shows. These emerging trends will help you do just that by helping you create a whole new and unique experience for the hundreds of attendees that will come to see what you have to offer. Remember, the world of trade shows is always changing, so it pays to stay on your game!

If you need any help incorporating these emerging trade show trends into your health and wellness expos, don’t hesitate to contact our Network Events Tv professionals today.

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