4 Things Attendees of a Wellness Expo Want to Receive

March 31st, 2019 by Collin Young

When it comes time to start planning your budget for tradeshows and expos, it’s important to be mindful of how to get the most bang for your marketing dollar.

With that in mind, here are four ideas as you begin your planning.

1 – Something Useful 
Ok, this is pretty obvious. That said, if you are going to give away items in your booth, make it worth the attendees while and more importantly make it worth your money. A perfect example is portable phone chargers. These aren’t going to be as cheap as buying some pens with your company’s logo on them, but this will set your company apart. A recent client went to a large trade show and saw increased foot traffic from people who saw others with a phone charger. There’s some obvious strategy here. Put them in a position where attendees have to enter your booth and learn about your product. For a good giveaway, visitors will understand it’s worth it.

2 – Samples
Instead of giveaways, let users try your product. Have a new blend of smoothies? Make sure and have it in the booth and make sure that attendees know how they can buy the product. There’s really no better place to have a test audience than an expo. Ask for honest feedback and you’ll save big money compared to hiring a focus group. This can translate on a bigger scale to fitness equipment and other hand-on exhibits.

3 – Knowledge of Trends
Everyone likes to return to their day job and be able to drop morsels of knowledge. When people go to a wellness expo they aren’t just looking for things to put into a bag, they are looking for ways to make their jobs and lives better. Provide them with something that positions yourself as a thought leader and you’ll gain some serious credibility.

4 – A Friendly Face
If we are being honest with each other, the main thing people come by your booth for is something free. Make sure the first thing they see (aside from free stuff) is a smile. Every visitor to your booth is a potential customer. If they feel welcome and valued they are more likely to engage than do a drive by for a free pen or screen cleaner.

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Health Expos What Attendees What To Receive

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