Participating in Green and Sustainable Events

December 27th, 2019 by Collin Young

The idea of sustainability is one that has grown each and every year and each and every trade show. How do you participate in green and sustainable events as a company? Here are a few ideas:

Recently at Dreamforce, a conference in San Francisco with over 170,000 attendees, Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, made a conscious effort to promote sustainability. With an event that seemingly takes over an entire portion of a city, the giant company did its best to go green.

One key way they did this was by providing each attendee with a reusable water bottle. Inside the bottle was messaging explaining that by refilling the bottle twice instead of grabbing a bottle of water, attendees would help offset the carbon footprint of transporting the bottle.

There’s tons of ways to get involved with sponsoring an event. Next time consider asking if you could provide the reusable water bottles. Not only does the branding on the bottle last long after the trade show ends, the positive impact your company can have on the environment will as well.

Sticking with that same premise, when it comes time for booth giveaways, think of green ideas. It’s easy to put out piles of pens that ultimately will be in the trash a few months later. One hot new trend at trade shows is giving away reusable straws. With several major metropolitan areas going away from plastic straws this can positively impact the environment while also giving booth attendees something they will actually use.

Finally, think about moving completely away from giveaways. Instead, tell attendees when they share their information, you’ll make a donation to a sustainable group that fits your company’s mission. It lightens attendees bags and makes them feel good in the process.

Here’s five more ideas from TSNN on ways to plan greener at your next event. 

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