How to Create the Best Health  Exhibitor Trade Show Booth

June 21st, 2017 by Brian Zinkel

become an exhibitorTrade shows are one of the best ways to market your brand; after all, there are plenty of people to meet, networking relationships to establish, and things to learn! While a trade show can be an exceptionally powerful experience for building the visibility of your business, how successful you become all comes down to one detail: your exhibitor booth.

It is no secret that marketing is a vast industry, especially in the world of health and fitness expos. However, when you become an exhibitor it is crucial you understand one thing — that not all exhibitor booths are considered equal. While you may think the key to having the most successful booth is size and style, it all comes down to much more than that to really stand out among the crowd. Here we explain some specific strategies that you can and should use when creating an exhibitor booth for your next trade show.

Focus on the first impression

When you are at a fitness and health expo, chances are you will be surrounded by tons of other people in your industry. In order to stand out, you have to focus on your first impression. If you don’t make a good first impression, no one will want to stop by and see what you have to offer! Typically, it only takes a few seconds to form an opinion about someone or something, so you need to work on your design and incorporate details that stick out. Don’t be afraid to try something unique, interesting, or even a bit quirky. Customers are looking for booths that pique their interest, so don’t be afraid to change things up.

Look at your booth from a customer’s perspective

There is no doubt about it, brand imagery affects consumer opinion. When designing your booth, it is important to base all your design decisions on what your customer will see. This includes graphics, images, and phrases. Make sure to get your employees, friends, and family members involved when it comes to designing, as you will want people who are not invested in the brand to give you an outsider’s perspective. Since you are the expert in your field, it is always refreshing to get someone else’s view because their honest opinions can change how your brand comes across to attendees at the trade show.

Keep it simple

As a rule of thumb, make sure you keep the images and graphics at a minimum when designing your exhibitor booth. The overall rule of thumb for booth design graphics is that they should include about 40% empty space. We know it can be tempting to put images everywhere under the idea that more images will explain your products and services better, but in reality it will just turn potential customers away. Instead of multiple images, choose one or two that really pack a punch. The best way to do this is by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What will consumers see by looking at this image?
  • Does the picture represent the products and services I offer?
  • Will the customer be confused and have to ask questions based on looking only at the picture?
  • Does the picture showcase something interesting and new in the industry?

Extend your reach

So someone has visited your fitness expo booth. Now what? You will want to make sure that they leave with something tangible, something that represents your business and the conversations you had together. Whether this be a small prototype of something you offer or pamphlets with more information, make sure whatever you gives stands out. Everyone has seen the coffee cups, stress balls, and pens at health and fitness expos, so do something different! Calendars, mousepads, toothbrushes, cell phone holders, and tumblers are all great ideas to incorporate. With this in mind, don’t forget to focus on your paper handouts. Attendees will be bogged down with multiple pamphlets when they leave, so focus on the sense of touch to stand out among your competitors. To do this, choose thick cardstock, embossed labelling, and interesting shapes of paper.

Get interactive

You are more likely to be remembered by a potential client if you have an interactive exhibitor booth. After all, your customers want to see what exactly it is you do! The options for being interactive are endless, and some ideas include:

  • Have one large prototype of the main item you are offering. Are you selling a piece of health tracking equipment? If so, put a large prototype on display and make sure you have a couple available for customers to look at and try out.
  • Encourage customers to use your products. Do you sell an interesting new fitness accessory? Have your employees demonstrate it and allow customers to try their hand at playing around.
  • Have a giveaway. Simple raffles are great as anyone can enter with their name and information and be contacted at a later date or time if they won the prize. Another perk of this is that if you have them write down their emails on the entry, you can stay in contact with those who didn’t win and offer them additional promotions.
  • Have a coupon competition. Bring a wheel with you and have each customer spin it to get a trade show-specific offer and coupon. This gives an extra incentive for customers to utilize your services, as not many booths give out discounts right then and there.

Above anything else, you will be creating an experience for your customers when making your fitness expo booth interactive!

Think with the future in mind

Chances are, your first trade show won’t be your last. So the only way to measure your return on investment with your exhibitor booth is to actually test it out. Find a specific way to measure your marketing efforts — it can be through how many people sign up for the raffle, how many people you gave your business card out to, or how many people add their name to your mailing list. Figure out the best technique that works for you and what you are offering, and then adjust accordingly if you did not make your goal.

At the end of the trade show, your exhibitor booth is the one memory potential customers will have of your brand. So follow these tips and you’ll find exponential success, no matter if you are new to the industry or a trade show expert. Remember, trade and fitness expos are learning experiences, and these marketing tips will only help you grow and expand as a brand!

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