5 Ways to Get Your Booth Noticed at Health Expos

December 31st, 2018 by Collin Young


Are you tired of having a booth that gets passed up and goes unnoticed at health and fitness expos? We have put together the top 5 ways to make sure that your booth gets noticed when you are at your next health and fitness expo. Follow these 5 rules to get your booth remembered by all attendees.

1 – Location– One of the most important things you can do to ensure your booth is noticed and full of traffic during your entire expo or trade show happens long before the first person sets foot in the exhibit hall. When you register your company’s booth, pay special attention to where your booth is located. Often this is first come, first served or happens months in advance of any show. In fact, many large shows have booth selection during the final day of the prior year’s show. Avoid getting lost in the shuffle of long runs of single booths and instead try for spots near entrances, the path to the bathroom or other high traffic locations. As a bonus tip, look for a spot on a corner, twice the amount of walking paths means twice the amount of chances to get noticed.  

2 – Lead gen/giveaway– What’s the latest, hottest fitness tool? What does it cost? Chances are, the cost for one of those items is far less than the cost for lead acquisition. By coming up with a hot giveaway, visitors will be sure to stop by your booth, and fill out a form. The result is a new, likely qualified lead that you can market to. Plus, one lucky visitor is going to be a big fan of your product as the winner of the giveaway.

3 – Leverage your network– Want to make sure you have good foot traffic and your booth looks like it has steady traffic? Reach out on all different social mediums from Facebook and LinkedIn to your followers and let them know you’ll be at the expo. Make sure they come by to say hi, and more importantly, build demand for those who don’t know about your product.

4 – Have your best people there– If you have a sales or marketing team beyond yourself, make sure your best people are at the booth. Just because someone is great on the phone and with a script for demos doesn’t mean they are great person to person. Finding the right people to work your booth can go a long way toward increasing booth stickiness.

5 – Demos– Speaking of keeping visitors at your booth longer than it takes to reach out and grab a pen or some other handout, have some type of demo visitors can either see or do. Just like with anything else, the longer someone spends at a booth, the longer you have to make your pitch and also to demonstrate value to your potential customer.

How To Get Your Booth Noticed at Health Expos

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