6 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest Into Trade Shows

May 19th, 2017 by Brian Zinkel

fitness expoIn today’s digital world, there are more events to attend, apps to download, and connections to be made than ever before. From fitness expos to technology conferences, events like these are meant to bring people of the same industry together. When guests and exhibitors attend with an open mind, these types of expos are a great way to boost business visibility, learn about trends in the industry, make connections, and form business relationships.

This is especially true for small business owners, as there is no better way to learn the ins and outs of the marketplace. Here we explain some additional benefits of becoming an exhibitor at a trade show.

Your first impression will become your lasting impression

The whole idea behind an expo is to boost visibility, but you will want to do so in a way that is memorable. This, however, is a fine line; you don’t want your attendees to only remember your logo or the cool gift they got from your booth — you want them to remember who you are, what you stand for, and how they can benefit from your products and services. You can do this through:

  • Creating a memorable exhibitor booth with bright colors, simple product descriptions, and easily understandable reading material.
  • Giving out goodie bags of promotional items along with supplemental information about your product or service and your business card. Never let anyone walk away empty handed; at least give out your contact information to everyone you speak with.
  • Having a drawing for a free gift, consultation, or advising session. Building up hype will help you stand out among competitors.
  • Providing good customer service. Make sure to greet everyone with a smile, make yourself open to any and all questions, and always ask for their contact information when you part ways. Know it is not just a one-way street, as these interactions can become especially helpful down the line! Follow up with a quick email, a thank you card, or a phone call a few days after the event to solidify that first impression.

You will be given the chance to collaborate with competitors

You never know the opportunities that working with your competitors can bring. Who knows what kind of partnership you both can make unless you interact face-to-face at these different expos? Working with other members in your industry is great for both growth and collaboration.

Your visibility will improve and your lead generation will soar

Nowadays, health and fitness expos are huge markets for technology. With the amount of social media posts and new applications available, there is no way you won’t be connected during your event. Think of it this way — trade shows have thousands of attendees, so there is a chance you won’t be able to meet everyone who is interested in learning more about you. However, being visible on social media and the expo’s app will go far towards growing your lead generation among clients you didn’t even speak to in person! The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to taking advantage of technology at these expos.

You can learn more about the industry as a whole

Chances are your company operates a small sector of your industry. For example, your business might be working with fitness electronics but may not be abreast of the latest healthy cooking techniques and recipes. Don’t forget, you are attending the fitness expo as an attendee as well, so take this opportunity to learn! You never know the number of opportunities that can arise when you branch out to different sectors, and luckily for you, these are in abundance at health and wellness shows!

You can learn what you are doing right

It is no secret that owning a business means making mistakes. Ideally, you’ll make these mistakes as cost effective as possible so you don’t lose productivity and funds in the process. One of the best ways to figure out what is working with your business and what isn’t is to simply have a dialogue with others in your industry. Trade shows, as a whole, are great for giving business owners a sense of what direction the industry is going in, and if you find yourself affected there are a few ways you can pinpoint the problem. These techniques include:

  • Go around and look at exhibitor booths that are attracting hoards of people. What drew attendees to their booth? Are they giving out promotional materials? Don’t be afraid to ask questions to really see how you can change your plan of attack during the next expo.
  • Take note of your competitors’ rates. How much are they charging for specific products and services? Compile an average of these numbers and compare them to your own to see if your prices are too high, too low, or just right.
  • Observe how other businesses are interacting with their customers. Learn their objectives, how they go about explaining their services, and what really draws people to them.

You’ll save on marketing and advertising without even trying

With the number of pamphlets and amount of promotional material you’ll be giving out at these health and fitness expos, your advertising and marketing efforts couldn’t be easier. While you may think that handing out endless sheets of paper may be cumbersome and not worth the effort, think again. Attendees are likely to hold onto this material even if they may not be in need of your services right now, so don’t lose hope. Plus, expos facilitate marketing via word of mouth, which can be exceptionally difficult to do alone. Even though it may seem like a costly investment to build an exhibitor booth at a trade show and leave your office or work space to attend, any and all of your losses will be made up in no time simply by the sheer number of people you get to talk to.

There are many advantages to attending and hosting a booth at a wellness and fitness expo. With the number of people you can meet, the networking you can do, and the sheer amount of knowledge you’ll learn, attending expos regularly is the easiest way to transform your small startup business into a profitable and buzz worthy enterprise.

These advantages only skim the surface of the true benefits one can reap from trade shows, so if you have any additional questions about attending or hosting a fitness expo, please don’t hesitate to contact our professionals today.


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