Utilizing Entertainment as an Attendee Engagement Strategy

April 6th, 2017 by Brian Zinkel

health and wellness expoWe all know the benefits of attending a health and wellness expo as a way to learn more about the complexities of the industry. But these information-heavy events are usually quite long and it can be easy for attendees to feel like they are in a sea of exhibitor booths. Come afternoon, it is hard to find an attendee who doesn’t have a glazed over look in their eye.

So how do you keep your participants involved in everything you have to offer? The answer is simple: through technology. There are plenty of different ways you can incorporate technology and entertainment into your health and wellness shows, so try some of these techniques during your next tradeshow and you’ll see attendee engagement rise exponentially.

Social Media
Everyone seems to have a social media account nowadays. In our technology-dependent world, everyone wants information with the click of a button, so bring your wellness expo straight to their pockets! You can use social media for all stages of an expo:

    1. The advertising. Nothing works better as an advertising and marketing strategy than social media. In the beginning stages of planning the expo, make sure all your social media platforms broadcast information about the expo’s location, the vendors as they sign up, and the different classes that will be offered. Also, don’t forget to create an event hashtag and use it in all your tweets and posts! For example, something as simple as #yourexponamelocation2017 will easily bring awareness to your event. Plus, by clicking on the hashtag, prospective attendees will be able to see who will be at the event and can even contact them beforehand.
    2. During the health and wellness expo.Don’t let your social media fall by the wayside during the event itself. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to live tweet the expo with fun anecdotes, quotes from speakers, pictures, and/or an upcoming schedule of events for the rest of the day.You can even make the event interactive by running games via your social media account, such as an Instagram scavenger hunt. This is when you post different pictures of the expo booths with clues for the attendees to follow. There can be a prize at the end, which will make the prospect of winning that much sweeter.

      For example, for a health and fitness expo, your scavenger hunt can include going to multiple booths that encompass different sectors of fitness. Once they go to the booth, they have to complete a simple activity — such as 10 jumping jacks, tasting a sample of food, or getting a fitness assessment — and once they complete this, the booth’s vendor signs off. The first person who finishes all these tasks wins a prize, such as an electronic fitness tracker or another gift that has been donated by your vendors.

    3. Once the event is over. Use this time to recap with your attendees and see what they enjoyed the most about your event. You can publish photos, post information for those who weren’t able to attend, and even ask for critiques on what to do better during the next fitness or health expo you run.

Mobile Apps
Smartphone users love their apps, so why not create a specific one for your event? This is where you can keep all your important information about the health and wellness expo. You’ll be able to:

      • Set up an easy registration service where the attendee can pay and get their voucher without having to use email or snail mail.
      • Set up a list of different vendors that will be in attendance.
      • Create a map of the event so the participants can easily find what vendors they want to visit and when.
      • Post a schedule of the event in easy to read segments, such as a list of hourly events.
      • Follow your hashtag’s use and different lead tracking.
      • Offer the attendees the ability to set up meetings with vendors.
      • Offer prospective vendors a way to contact you with queries and information on what they can bring to the expo.
      • Give attendees reminders of what’s to come.

The goal with your mobile app is to make it easier than ever for your participants to engage, so get creative!

Phone charging stations
With all these social media and mobile app opportunities, your attendees will be using their smartphones quite frequently during your wellness expos. So make sure they are always connected by offering phone charging stations all throughout the expo. You can make this a comfortable area with couches and chairs so that participants can recharge both their phones and their energy! To ensure they haven’t lost focus of what the show is all about, consider equipping the area with different screens advertising your products and reminding them of the day’s schedule.

Interactive displays
With the many different exhibitor booths out there, you will want your attendees to retain at least some of the information. The best way to be memorable and stand out is to have different interactive displays all around your health and wellness expo. This may include touch screens, holographic displays, or even augmented reality. Expo attendees are in the market for trying and seeing something new, so take this time to showcase different trends in your industry. This will surely get attendees talking about your event, while adding an interesting dynamic that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Live streaming
Live streaming during your event will not only pique the attendee’s interest, it will help to spread the buzz of the event! You’ll be able to live stream different guest speakers while offering guests the opportunity to listen to what they are saying while visiting other vendors at the same time. More connections will be formed this way, which is what your health and wellness expo is all about! You can also use this method during the beginning hours of the event, as a way to get last minute guests to sign up.

Remember, your health and wellness expo is a pivotal information source for your attendees, and getting them engaged is the first step in relaying information about your industry.

Are you interested in learning how to get more involved in the world of health and wellness expos? Contact our professionals today to learn more.

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